Partnership with Sojourners Recovery & Wellness Center


Addiction Treatment


We live in a world where everyone knows someone who is battling with some sort of addiction.  Alcohol and Substance Abuse are becoming an increasing problem in our society.  In partnership with Sojourners Recovery and Wellness Center we operate a "special" addiction treatment program where one's holistic self is at the core of the treatment. 

What makes our program unique is that we create an individualized program whereby we partner with each person.  

We also offer unique weekend retreats where we utilize a concentrated recovery program for those who cannot get away from their work responsibilities.  

Our addiction treatment program does accept insurance for some of our programs but others are on a cash basis.   

We have some creative programs--we hold weekend sessions at hotels at the beach, special adventure and sports days along with our traditional individual and group sessions.  

We also offer Teen groups with customized individual sessions.

The program begins with a two hour intensive assessment.   Afterwards, a treatment plan is developed which involves weekly group therapy sessions which meet on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings starting at 5:30pm in Lake Mary or Sun, Wed and Fri evenings in Debary.

 Teen groups meet at other times.   To learn more about the addiction treatment IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) or PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program) please click on the link for Sojourners.  

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment please call our special appointment line: 407-952-8444